The Ghost, The Owl

The Ghost, The Owl - Betsy Franco The Story In Three Words: Friendship, Hope, Integrity

As is often the case with children’s stories, what you think is a simple moral tale takes a dark and a dramatic turn. The Ghost, The Owl is no exception to this. The story is a poignant one, made all the more impactful by the beautiful illustrations. With a wistful artistic style, the fantasy plot unfolds in an easy to follow and accessible way. It is also a very quick read (still worth it).

Although I read the advance copy on an eReader, the book will be published in hardback when it is finally released in May. It would make a beautiful addition to any bookshelf. It is easy to see why the illustrator Sara Richard has won awards. The images are magical!

The Ghost, The Owl is a beauty of a book. Definitely one I would read with my goddaughter once she is a bit older (she’s not even two yet!).