Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Stephenie Meyer Firstly, I am not a literary snob. I am fine with pulp. I am fine with slushy romance. I am fine with cheesy young adult cringe fests. But I felt dirty reading these books.

While there was something familiar and addictive about the teen angst presented in this book, there were at least occasions where I had to re-read a page because I couldn't follow the point Stephanie Myer was trying to make.

This sums up my Twilight experience.

I read this book during my 'read what the kids are reading ready for your teacher training interview' phase. My intention was to just read the first book, but within a few hours I knew that wasn't going to happen. I knew I needed to read them all. I honestly cannot tell you why. Was there some kind of addictive substance on the page? I really don't think it was writing.

2 Stars