Matched  - Ally Condie Dystopia - CHECK
Teenagers having choice taken away from them - CHECK
One girl out to change everything - CHECK
Some teen angst - CHECK
A little romance - CHECK

I should of loved this book, but sadly the troupes that are staples of my reading list just didn't seem to come together. The characters lacked the depth that they have in similar stories. I just couldn't make myself care about Cass and I never really believed in her feelings for Ky. Their relationship still felt pre-determined in the way that it unfolded, rather that it being based on something real (like a burnt loaf of bread*).

Unfortunately this book wasn't the start of a trilogy for me, or even a one hit wonder. The ending didn't leave me wanting more, rather it left me with the need to go and re-read 'The Hunger Games'.

*Said without a hint of sarcasm. I honestly believe that.

2 Stars